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Question about the Delta Scyther hiker trade

This question is one of the reasons i decided to get an account on here, I want to get a delta Scyther on my team, but i want the hustle ability. Mainly cause i flat out don’t like Ice Cleats, though on the side that if i decide to evole it, that i get the ability scrappy.
Is the Delta scyther you get through the trade ability locked to ice cleats? I have only JUST beat the first gym, and i want to get my last two party members before i offically start heading off to the second gym, and i want to know im not wasting my time by closing and opening the game when the delta scyther doesn’t have hustle.

I am also playing on the 1.2.3 version at the moment if that matters.

Hustle turns to Scrappy on 1.2.3 (it is different for 1.2.5, where Hustle turns to Tough Claws), and it keeps Ice Cleats upon evolution (if it has that ability). Delta Sycther is not trade ability locked, so you can save and soft reset until you get the desired ability. You are not wasting your time.

Sorry for the late reply, thanks! I Finally got hustle after, well just opening the game for the first time today. Btw, should i go ahead and patch my game to 1.2.5 being that im so early in the game?