Question about Shinies

Can you encounter all of the pokemons as shiny or there are some of them that are not available?

Ive been trying to get shiny metagross for the past 2 days with the dexnav method and still nothing :confused:

Yes you can nothing is shinylock in the game with the exception of the pokemon that you get from mystery gift.

Thanks! I guess im just unlucky

you will have to be patient and keep trying.

As an example:

I once spent 2 hours to shinybreed a pokemon and another time it took me 9 days when i tried again. (using the masuda method both times).

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How does the masuda method work? and do you think i should keep going with the dexnav method or not?

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Masuda Method is the method in which you breed using a pokemon from a different country usually a ditto. This increases the shiny chance from 1 in 4096 (1 in 1365 with the shiny charm) to 1 in 682 (or 1 in 512 with a shiny charm). I think based on the two options, you should opt for dexnav, even more so with the shiny charm. Without the charm, it’s a lower chance, but you can do it much faster. Hope this helps.

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You should continue with the dexnav method.

This is how the masuda method works in Insurgence:

Shiny Rate.

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Does the probabilty increase when you’re past 768? or it stays the same?

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It always stays the same, In Pokemon Sword In my masuda method shiny hunt has gone over 1024 eggs meaning it is double the chance number (1/512) so this means that I should’ve gotten it or at least have a higher chance right? No, there isn’t a number that raises each and every encounter (except Sword and Shield). Instead it is constantly a flat rate that doesn’t change (unless you use methods like masuda or dexnav). If you want a good website to do this you should check out this shiny tracker which might not really be able to help you out. Now one more thing should you check out this site is that it has a probability bar. Let me explain, so if the chances were 1/100 and 100 people were trying to get this, 66 people would probably get it by the 100. This is the universe of probability and I’m not the best person to talk about this. To sum it all up, no it’s a flat rate that is constantly the same.

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Although I’ve not shiny hunted in Insurgence, I’ve done so in mainstream and have never been successful in under a week.
At least two weeks is typical for me when doing the Masuda Method and a minimum of a month for soft resetting starters.

Reborn and Rejuvenation are the exceptions but that’s because the shiny rates are significantly higher in those games.

As far as I know the rates in Insurgence are the canon.

I got my Shiny Thundurus in Insurgence in 4 days because I put a lot of time into it, also the rates are the same rates as the gen 6 games. There’s a page on the wiki for Shiny odds.