Question about changing nature

I started playing Insurgence tonight and I got about 2-3 hours in thinking it would be easy to change nature. I want to change my Delta Charmeleon to timid (it’s currently Lax, and I’m playing on Hard). I know you have to do something called the pokepon in order to do that and there is only a 0.3% chance to get the right nature. Can you soft reset Pokepon in order to bypass the 20 minute cooldown or should I just restart my game entirely?


No, the Pokepon makes you save after it determines what’s going to happen, which means that even if you soft reset or restart the game, you’ll get the same result.


I read that only the nature changing itself was saved and you could soft reset for which nature you wanted at that point. Is that correct or no? It was on an old reddit thread.

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No, it is false.