Putting Together a Team

Hey there, I’m pretty new to the game, and to competitive games in general. I’ve just arrived in Vipik and I’m trying to figure out a team to move forward with, just so I don’t get stuck with a bad team at any stage.

Currently I have a Haunter, Delta Venusaur, Drilbur (Nearly an Excadrill), and a Delta Gardevoir.

I’m not sure what to choose for the final two slots, I’m thinking of possibly adding a Breloom, and I’m not sure how keen I am on the Gardevoir. Any tips, ideas or suggestions for what to choose or how to structure my team would be great!

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you should use delta snorelax, a delta haxsorus, a delta hydragon and a mega khangaskhan when you get acess to it.
snorelax can sweep in spectacular fasion if you are able to pull of a belly drum and drain punch most of the opponent.
haxsorus has a good typing and is a haxsorus.
delta hydragon can sweep with hyper voice intoxicate and choice spex or life orb.
mega khang is a mega khang. use power up punch, drain punch, return and crunch.
i was able to complete the game in two days because i hade the help of khang for the difficult nyx, elite four and champion fight.

Delta Hydreigon seems great but I already have a poison and ground type? Should I not take different typings to keep options open and that?

Delta snorlax looks really cool though, is he worth taking over Breloom and pick up a different fighting type?

whats the ability on breloom?

Sorry, should’ve been cleared, don’t have a Breloom or shroomish yet, they’re not available to me so far. I’m just thinking of adding one when I can

ah ok. i def recommend it, especially since u dont have a grass or fighting mon on your team yet

That’s what I thought too, any recommendation on nature, ability, moveset? Thanks for the help!

what about the khang for the late game

if u have ha (quick feet on shroomish/technician on breloom), breloom @ life orb, 252 attack, 4 def, 252 speed, jolly nature
-bullet seed
-mach punch
-swords dance/stone edge/thunder punch/rock tomb
If poison heal
breloom @ toxic orb
252 hp, 252 att, 4 def
adamant nature
-spore/swords dance
-focus punch
-seed bomb/facade

mega khang is op

the evs can prob be optimized, im pretty tired rn

or you could also use an ageslash

when you have access to it

Thanks, I’ll have a look at Mega Kanga, appreciate it

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It’s no big deal, that’s a huge help anyway! I don’t know a huge amount about IVs/EVs so the nature and moveset is plenty to get me started, thanks man

it is helpful because nyx and the chamion are one of the most difficult story fights

you are welcome

That’s good to know, thanks!

d garde sweeps nyx imo if u give it shadow ball. dual stabs are “se” against 5 of her mons and her mega is weak to shadow ball

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If you want to beat Xavier, I did so using Emolga. It need breeding to be at 31 IV on every stats, EV training, Accrobatic and Spark. It struggles a bit against Gengar and Tentactruel and you sometimes wish for Mega Beedrill to be slower than it, but it does surprisingly well.

I’m a pro teambuilder, I can help you further if you want.

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