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Post your art here

read the title

so this is my delta charmander which i made before i learned a lot about pixil art
004-1.png (1)
the lizard pokemon

type grass

ability overgrow

hidden ability photosynthesis
photosynthesis - charging moves take only 1 turn

pokedex entry -
the plant shows the charmander’s health, the healthier the charmander, the healthier the plant

my delta charmeleon
004-2.png (11)
the rooted dragon pokemon

type grass/dragon

ability overgrow/rooted
rooted - the pokemon gets a free ingrain on switch in but can still switch out

hidden ablity photosynthsis

pokedex entry - evolution awoke the hidden dragon in the pokemon, one of the pokemon’s tail drains nutrients from the ground while the other tail makes food from it. they can be observed standing in the middle of the forest for days absorbing nutrients but if they are disturbed the cut the offender using the blades on their arms

hi @Blue2ooth if you want to post art… post it here

Ok then!
Jungle Pokémon
Pure Grass
Abilities: Flower Veil / Leaf Guard
HA: Grassy Surge
Pokédex Entry: These Pokémon are found in the deep jungle. They make nests from vines and plants, and are essential to the ecosystem of the jungles they are found in.

so give it a title, type, ablity and pokedex entry

cool charmander thou

also… how did you become a prefection cultist

can you just join it using the groups place

cool pokedex entry

Yeah, just go onto the groups place and click join on one of them.

i joined all

If you go into preferences in your profile, you can change what’s under your name.

i know


006 (3) yes.

Shouldn’t this be in Holon University and not Artwork? I could understand if the only things posted weren’t Deltas, but they are, so…

Nah mine isn’t

cool… so you finaly completed your sprite