Post-Game Team

Hi guys, I’d like a little bit of help with my Post-Game (To date) team. I still have a bit to do with the team and the EV and breeding perfect IV’s, but this is probably the team I’ll take through the rest of the game. I might change it up when the time comes, but for now, this team has worked for me.

The team members are as follows:

Slowbro - Bold - Regenerator - Calm Mind, Psychic, Scald, Slack off

D. Gardevoir - Modest - Lightning Rod - Calm Mind, Ice Beam, Livewire, Thunderbolt

Pudding (D. Snorlax) - Careful - Thick Fat - Belly Drum, Crunch, Leaf Blade, Synthesis

Excadrill - Adamant - Mold Breaker - EQ, Rapid Spin, Rock Slide, Swords Dance

Tyranitar - Adamant - Sand Stream - Dragon Dance, Crunch, EQ, Stone Edge

Gengar - Modest - Levitate - Dark Pulse, Destiny Bond, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb

Looks really good overall. Only things I would suggest is taking Focus Blast instead of Calm Mind on D. Gardevoir for coverage as it will be really hard to use it as a set-up sweeper when you are also using Livewire. You’d be taking at least 2 turns of damage assuming you use Livewire followed by Calm Mind while Focus Blast will give you better coverage. Also you might want to consider using a Sand Rush Excadrill instead of Mold Breaker so it can take advantage of Sandstorm that Tyranitar sets up. Last thing, since ghost and dark type moves have the same super-effective coverage there is no point in running Dark Pulse and Shadow Ball on Gengar. It would take a little bit of breeding but I recommend replacing Dark Pulse for Will-O-Wisp.

I can do the Gengar + Will-O-Wisp, seeing as how Burns just love everyone and their money.

As for the Mold Breaker and Excadrill, I was just a fan of Mold Breaker just to hit them random levitating pokemon (I’m looking at you Elektross) if you get what I mean.

And as for Focus Blast, I think I gotta find it, but I’ll have to test it out and see how it works.