Pokepon Won't Trigger

The pokepon lady tells me “it’s been too short a time,” but it’s been days and I’ve taken well over 1500 steps. Anyone know how to fix this?

Did you play with your computer’s time? It has a high change of breaking the pokepon and other time-related events like hidden grottoes.

Crap. Yeah, I did because a grotto wasn’t respawning. But that was a while ago. I guess it’s perma broken?

It’s either permanent or it’ll be done for a long amount of time. I’ve heard about people getting some functions back, but if it is possible it’ll probably take months (mine was broken for half a yr lol). I can’t guarantee it will tho

Well, thanks for letting me know.

Ha! I accidentally fixed it. When I transfered the save to a different computer, I noticed that the total time played dropped drastically and suddenly pokepon works again. (Plus I got the exact nature I wanted for Mew first try!)

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Lucky boi

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