Poképon Doubts

As far as I know, I should be able to use the Poképon service in Sonata City once every twenty game minutes plus a random amount of steps with a rooftop of 1500, at least that’s what I’ve learnt from the official wiki. I wouldn’t want to hurry and call bugs on it, but it’s been quite a long time and several thousand steps since I last played it and the kind lady’s still pretty reluctant on letting my little friend in. Am I missing something?

To my knowledge the cooldown time is once per day not once per 20 minutes.

Game time you mean? If so, I believe it’s quite inaccurate. I definetely used the Poképon more than six times in my playtime that shouldn’t have been allowed given the 24h cooldown. While speaking in terms of real time, it’s safe to say at least two days have passed.

It’s not once per day, the wiki is correct. Pokepon stops working if you change your PC time/date afaik.

That’s what I tried to do after the second day not working, meaning I’m basically boned at this point. Is there anything I could try to fix it - such as downloading another version - or is it permablocked because of the save data?

On Windows: You could try restoring your save data to a previous state. Right click on the save folder > properties > previous versions (Make a copy/backup of your save files first to another folder before doing this). You will lose game progress If you successfully restore it to a previous state (You are basically going “back in time”). If there’s nothing on the previous versions’ list then you’re most likely out of luck.

I just redownloaded the game. Works pretty well from experience.

Thanks, I found another way though. :slight_smile:

hey, can you tell me the “other way” i encountered the same problem

They haven’t posted for 3 years, also to help answer your question you’d be best to just create a new topic and ask there instead of here, as let’s be honest, they’re not gonna reply.