Pokemon you like vs. Pokemon that are viable

I’ve noticed that in the pokemon games in general, there are a lot of awesome pokemon that just aren’t built well. I’m not talking design. Rather, they either don’t have the stats to be viable, or they lack the moveset / abilities to make them useful in a team. For instance, one of my Smeargle: I managed to teach it oblivion wing. Even assuming it can survive long enough to use it against a type weak to flying, it doesn’t even scratch the pokemon it hits. You would think that a pokemon capable of learning any move would be a bit more viable in the game. But this sadly isn’t the case.

So my question to you is this: what’s the pokemon you think is really cool but terrible to use. Or is a pokemon totally uncool if it can’t hold its own in competition? What’s a pokemon that everyone likes to use that you just don’t like the design of, etc.

Drifblim’s my love, absolutely :slight_smile: And I guess it’s not TERRIBLE? After all, it’s got decent move type coverage TM-wise and a good HP stat. It bugs me that it most of the naturally learned moves aren’t the best, though - relying on Gust as the strongest Flying-move isn’t fun at all. And, of course, there’s the whole matter of the ick defense stats…yeesh…designwise, I wouldn’t have imagined. Oh, well. I’m stubborn enough to keep using them <3

I have several bad mons I love. For example, Dedenne: Good speed, but useless abilities and horrible movepool and stats other than speed.

Ooh. A good example: Gallade. I love the Ralts line, but up until it becomes a Gallade, almost all the moves he learns are special attacks. So the moment he becomes a Gallade he has a bunch of moves that don’t match his stats. Unless you can use TMs or move tutors, your poor Gallade is gonna have a mostly special moveset at first. Don’t get me wrong, Gallade is awesome and viable. Eventually. But those first few levels are relatively rough.

Yeah, I know! I used Gallade in Insurgence, and of course you can only get a dawn stone in Helios. I ended up used Custom move Fighting, the tm for drain punch and a few heart scales, which took me a Jigglypuff to get.

i like spoink,I dont think I need to explain anything xD

Hey, that’s whats important right, picking a pokemon you like? Lilligant is like that for me. Sure, her stats are viable, but anything she can do, Venusaur can do better.

@pokemonerd25 I’m fairly certain they wanted to milk Pikachu’s popularity to make fairy types mainstream…

I love all the cat pokemon, but they’re all so hard to use in battle. x___x

I also love Dodrio! Flygon as well, but it definitely became usable in insurgence. For sure.

They even had a ban poll in the IBL ;).

I really like Flygon. In my copy of Y I did a pseudo wonder challenge: go through the entire game using only a single team of wonder traded pokemon. (I imported 6 pokemon I bred with egg moves from X so that the recipients on the other end would get something nice) One of the pokemon I got was a trapinch that became a Flygon. It’s definitely one of my favorite mons on that team.

The only cat pokemon I dislike are Alolan meowth and purugly

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Two of my favorite pokemon lines are the starly line and butterfree line. I’m so gonna try to get those guys on my sun/moon team

Pangoro and Umbreon are big favorites. They’re not particularly good but I love them.