Pokemon League lvl

I just want to know if its a bug or it has to be like that?, the lvl in the league the first time is allready 120, even if the post games events came back to levels 85 and adove, I have 2 overleveled pokemon but I cant take on it, and I think it would be sooo much easy the post games events with full team at 120, i think its strange.

The levels for the Elite 4 scale with your highest level Pokemon (with a minimum level of around 88), so having one or two overlevelled Pokemon will make the battle very difficult.

so, should i have full team max lvl, or take out temporaly the overleveled ones? they are 120 and 100 so…

thanks, and i just tried the mimimum its 88 (full team 67 i tried) so ill do a team of 90s and i think it will work, thanks for answering