Pokemon Insurgence glitch

So this is what i have seen first i escaped the darkrai cultists and i came out to telnor town and i tried to go back into the shade forest and suddenly this happened (the file is too big so i shared it on twitter here is the link) https://twitter.com/tyler10032003/status/936964596987867136?s=09 as you can see there are trees all over the place i can navigate through to the entrance… but as you can see there is no grass appearing but i can still get pokemon i progressed a lot and im now in midna town but the grass wont still show up from another place and also even though its daytime the character and even the npcs lights are so dim and shadowy (or should i say sprites) please help me i just ignored it to just play the game( i am a HUGE fan of the awesome game) but cant keep ignoring it it really concerns me and i really need help i downloaded insurgence repeatedly i deleted the old insurgence files and also deleted the texture pack from evolmon for insurgence and it still wont work. I put so much effort into this to just solve this one problem but it still doesnt work is there a problem with my resource packs? i really need help and please help me and give me al solution to solve this.

i just changed the screen size to large and now its working properly if i go back into medium this keeps going so i guess this problem is solved but… wynaut medium?