Pokemon center glitch

I am doing the original dragon quest. I just beat tean and the guide says to heal at a Pokemon center. When I went into the Pokemon center there is poke balls on the machine flashing like the animation when you heal and when I speak to nurse joy she says welcome to the Pokemon center and that’s it. I tried to skip that part of the quest because I can heal in with the secret base nurse and go to the next step but nothing happened. I’m not sure how to continue please help

Try healing in the Gaea town pokemall specifically. Not sure if that’ll help.

I did. It was like that at every poke center/mall I went to

I saved right before I beat Tean and thought if I didn’t battle him it wouldn’t be glitched but it was. I’m not sure when it happened

I went to the Pokemon League and that’s one was fine. It has the poke balls at first but I could heal and that got rid of the poke balls on the machine. The other poke centers also lost the poke balls but still would not heal so I’m still stuck

I have no idea how but after messing around with the human calculator an flying aimlessly to different places trying to heal I went to the one town before the Pokemon League and it was fixed

Not trying to necro a dead post, just curious if this is a known glitch. I had same issue, couldn’t heal after beating taen, flew around to different cities, still couldn’t, flew back to gaea, still couldn’t. Finally saw this post and mentioning the human calculator made me curious because the last calc I had put in was to test divide by zero which crashed it. Went put in a normal calculation, he answered, went back and the pokemon center worked again. Again sorry for bringing an old post back

I know the game is supposed to crash if you divide by zero for an event

I had the same problem for months. Another thing about this is you aren’t able to enter Shade Forest from Telnor town, the game says you can’t enter without a Pokémon. But going to the human calculator fixed it for me as well