Pokedex help please

Trading Name: Omnicien

Offer: Anything I have

Request: Delta Tentacool

Further info: killed it and need for dex; thank you :slight_smile:

I can help you get a delta tentacool for the pokedex if you want one. Just let me know via messages if you see this and want to trade for it.

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Yes pleaseeeee

You just want junk in return, or something else?

I’m not really looking for anything in return for just a rebred delta. If you have some breedmon you’d like to trade off, then I will happily accept any amount of those, but it’s really up to you what you trade for it.

I have an egg. Not sure what it is, but may be a delta ralts

That’ll do, ya?

Yeah, that works perfectly fine. I will go ahead and breed a delta tentacool (since I don’t have any already bred) and I will either come back here or message you directly to notify you that I have it.

Okie dokie, thank you!

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