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!Plz lend d. karrablast / d. golette [SOLVED]

Trading Name: hulaunicorns

Offer: literally any non-legend, or any purchasable item

Request: d. karrablast, and/or d. golette - any level
I’ll even give it back if you want AND you can keep what I give you.

Further info: I need these 4 pokemon (counting evolutions) to complete the dex so plz help me out and I’ll be forever grateful

got D. Buneary for ya, I want an IV Stone and a Delta Noibat

Actually I specifically need a d. lopunny because I’m having trouble getting my delta buneary to hate me (to get it to evolve).

dude, just have it fight pokemon, get one-shotted, then revive it with revival herbs, wich lower friendship, then repeat about ten times and use a rare candy, if it doesn’t evolve, do it again

Thanks. it wasn’t working so I just made a new buneary and it finally worked.

do you have any of the other two by any chance? I can get u the d. noibat and iv stone if u still need them

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