Playthrough Delta Only Team

I’m incredibly new to Pokemon Insurgence and I’m the type of person who likes to use new pokemon in a playthrough when I can (for example, using all gen 7 pokemon in a Sun playthrough).

My question is, what are the best delta pokemon to use in a playthrough of Insurgence? Just a regular playthrough. I chose delta bulbasaur as my starter if that helps.

Delta Venusaur, Delta scyther (unevolved), Delta Bisharp, Delta Crustle, Delta Gerdevoir, Delta Luxray, and Delta Ambipom are all really solid from what I’ve heard and fairly early to encounter.

If you have somebody trading you the deltas, get delta volcarona in a heartbeat.

I definitely know I want Delta Ralts and Delta Shinx. Delta Bisharp seems like a good choice too (I like lots of coverage xD). The issue is I don’t know anyone that would trade with me. I’m still at the very beginning of the game lol.