Perfection lab (spoilers)

The rusty door to the perfection lab in metchi town won’t open, do I have to do anything specific before that?

Reukra already said he was retiring to somewhere quiet when we first meet the zygarde hippy, I’ve caught zygarde, beat Taen, seen the cutscene where he gives Reukra whatever it is that he got in no man’s land and leaves to another region, caught volcanion, cured Damian, and beat the holon story. Have I missed anything?

Edit: and caught groudon and kyogre too.

Edit 2: found a note in the perfection base. I’ll get through that quest and then try the lab again!

Thanks for the help!

How do you get the Reukra cutscene in no man’s land and how do you get to holon?

The Reukra scene shows up after you beat zygarde in the dragon ruins and Taen leaves. You get to holon through the train in suntouched city after you get a call from the scientists club.

Ok, I’ve got the cutscene where Taen says he is leaving with Almand for Kuria region but I haven’t had a call from the scientist club yet.

Should i go to them?

Where exactly did you find the note ? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Inside a pokeball in the perfection base that’s in the black market

The only pokeball I see is the one behind a locked door but I don’t have the key to open it

Yeah, I got the call right after I finished the pokemon league. Have you done the first scientist club mission?

No, i don’t think so.

If you mean the one with the delta regice, I didnt finish it

Have you beaten Zygarde yet? You should get a cutscene after that that shows Taen talking to Reukra. The poke ball is right there after that.

Yea I already caught zygarde and seen the cutscene but when I went to the base I just couldnt get past the door for the pokeball

Go to the scientist club in Koril town and do the mission where you have to battle fossil pokemon. You should get the call after that.

It’s not that poke ball, I don’t know how to get that one either. The one with the note is where the cutscene takes place (same place where you first meet the zygarde hippy and his friends the protesters)

Will do that.

Btw, where do you get Heatran/Volcanion?

After you beat Red and become the new augur you get a call saying someone in Deyraan town has a problem (or the king might tell you that himself, I can’t remember). When you get there go to mount rose, and in the infernal cult headquarters you’ll get the double battle with heatran and volcanion.

You can also catch groudon there, which I did before the double battle, but I’m not sure if you need to catch groudon first or not. I got lost and wandered about until I found groudon (deep inside the cave behind the magma waterfall), and when I finally got out with an escape rope I appeared right next to volcanion & heatran.

Hmm I’ve beaten Red but can’t remember if I got call to head to Deyraan town.

I’ll check it out any ways.

Thnx for the help.

I can’t remember if you get a call or if the king just says he knows someone in Deyraan town is having trouble, so maybe you don’t need to wait for the call. Head there and check just in case, the guy should appear right at the entrance of mount rose. Good luck!

Now that I think about it, the vesryn king did say there may be some quests to do in deyraan town.

Rusty door key is in perfection base. You get it when you read red book in cell with books.