Perfection Lab Old Passwords Post Game spoilers

What are the old passwords for in the old perfection lab?

So you can use them to make new one. Trust me you’ll need them.

Make a new one for what? Im very confused

There will be place where you need to put in a password.

Can you tell me where, or point me in the direction of where I go? Is it something else in post game?

It’s in perfection lab. Doors which are locked and asks you for password.

The one that leads to larvesta? or other ones

That one

where can I find that door? Im looking for it, but I don’t know where to find it. Is it in any room while you are trying to reach Mewtwo or where?

It’s an area in Metchi town surfing north from bridge.

And how can you open that door?

Have you done Reukra’s post game quest?

Yes, at least, what I’ve been told. The last time we met, he told me he was going to other region… So I think I’ve completed his quest.

Go back to the base in helios. you’ll find the key, and a puzzle leading to a legendary

Yes, I know, There’s Mewtwo but I haven’t caught him. Should I catch him in order to open that door?

You have to get in cell with books and read red one

Mewtwo has nothing to do with the key. in the base there up the stairs there will be a room with books and a pokeball. One of the books has the key


which is the password for the Perfection Lab? It says logging in and it forces me to type a password. Is one of that oldest passwords?

Look at them. They make a pattern. You have to make new password. Hint: it’s about periodic table.