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Pay you back later

Trading Name:500kman

Offer: bug gem, fighting gem, 1 firestone, 3 water stones or 1 mega stone, I have a tyranitarite, a manectite, abomasite, d.pidgeotite

Request: 20 max potions, 15 full restores

Further info: this may take a long time but I really need it for the elite four.

In that case, just buy 35 Potions (You only need Potions, don’t waste money) then go to Selene City and cook Full Restores. That’s how I got about 50 Full Restores going in on my firsrt playthrough.

i am already in the elite four, i have beaten two of them.

Oh, k then.

so can you trade me? ill give you a mega stone if you want it

What time zone are you in? I could use some IV Stones or Dream Mists for my alt, I’m in postgame on my main. I’m in PST, I can do it 6:45-7:30 in the morning.

i’m in AEST

K, so the time I said earlier is 8:45-9:30 for you. Does that work?

yep its 11:01 am here

Oh wait, then it should be 12:45 am-1:30 am for you or I can try noon for me. (6 am for you.)

why not now? or is it late in your time

Too late and I would get in trouble. I was supposed to be in bed then.

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