Past Save File

I accidentally let one of my pokemon go into the pokepon, and it changed its nature. Since it saves right before you go in, I was wondering if there is a way to go back in time from a different save?

Nah, unfortunately you have to stick with that nature unless you can somehow turn it back

R.i.p. accidental delta nature change ;-;

What delta?

Muk Brave -> Hasty

Oh, rip.

Yes you can. You get 3 backups in the same location as your save. Saves are located here:

Windows: C:\Users(your name)\Saved Games\Pokemon Insurgence

Mac: Right click the app, Show Package Contents, drive_c, Program Files, Pokemon Insurgence

Mac (El Capitan&Sierra): Right click the app, Show Package Contents, drive_c/Users/Wineskin/Saved Games/Pokemon Insurgence

To turn a backup into the main save, just rename a backup to the same thing as the primary save and replace.

Is there no way for someone to tweak my game, or am I screwed unless I get another nature change? I Literally save every 5 minutes so none of the backups helped.

Well, tweaking the game is considered cheating, so you got boned. And I blame cow for screwing you over :^)

Using what dechozen suggested to change the nature back would also be considered cheating

Cow I blame you as well :p, I want to be regular on the forums so how do I get the tags next to my name?

Click your icon in the top right, click the gear, scroll down, and select titles. In order to be a regular you gotta be active for months.

Read here for some info regarding trust levels.



I cannot seem to find Gear, T-T

ohh preferences, whoops