Orion Hardmode with only Deltas?

Is it possible to beat Orion Hardmode with only Deltas? I chose Squirtle and the only other available Deltas pre Orion are Grimer and Dwebble(Cake). I have beaten this before with Charmander and Bulbasaur before but it wasn’t in hardmode. Also on one of these playthroughs I also had a Delta Munchlax to assist me. I have no idea if it’s possible to beat this leader with this small of a team. Does anyone have a small idea on how this could be done?

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If you had chosen Bulbosaur, I would have told you to not evolve him until level 25 where is learn Calm Mind. This is how I defeated him on my No Faint Challenge.

But with Squirtle… this is something else. Let me think until tomorrow. Night gives you answers.

Anyway, good luck!

I actually got some fragments of an idea. I realized that Dwebble learns Misty Terrain at lvl. 24 and that could be set up to remove the risk of burning. Wartortle learns Knock Off which could prove very useful at removing the life orb from the charmeleon. If all else fails, I can always have Grimer minimize and sand tomb everything and give it return to pop Aron’s air balloon.

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Yep, the last one is totally foolproof.

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