Opinion on 2 remaining slots for Pokemons

Hy guys :slight_smile:

Just want your advice on which Pokemon would suit best my on-going team!

Quick message about my situation, I have currently just passed the 1st badge, so pls think also about adding pokemons which I can potentially have soon (or at least no too late within the game).

My current pokemons are: Delta Charmeleon Gyarados Ponyta Kadabra

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For the last two, I need an expert’s advice :wink:

I was thinking at least one type electricity, and one fairy (or maybe ground/rock).

Let me know your ideas :slight_smile: Does not matter whether you thought about the same type I did.

Also, I do not want pokemons that do not look good :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward for you help :slight_smile:

Rock types are good against the first three gyms, so I would recommend getting one. Geodude/Graveler are available early game.

Delta Gardevoir or Delta Gallade (depends on your choice) Delta Roserade

Thx for your answers guys :slight_smile: Went with the delta gallade ! Still looking for the rock-type though, because I don’t want to spend too much xp on a pokemon I don’t want to keep long-term.

If you want a rock type then I would go with Armored Tyranitar.

Oh yeah great idea! Thx a lot :open_mouth:

A grass type would balance the team out pretty well. There are petilils at the beginning, and if you have the patience, you can train one and get a liligant with a sun stone at helios city.