Online not working for anyone else?

I’ll start off by saying that mystery gift works fine for me. However, whenever I try to go online through the Pokegear or through the cave in Friend Safari, as soon as I hit “c” to connect to server, I get a black screen that persists indefinitely (or until I cancel with Esc or “x”).

I have added the game to every exception list within Windows Firewall and my antivirus program, I have also tried outright disabling these. I have also tried running as administrator (none of these seem to make a difference).

I’m also guessing isn’t correct since I was informed the servers aren’t actually down.

Anyone have any other ideas? Would really like to be able to access some friend safaris…thanks in advance!

Deuk just restarted the server. Try now?

Also should have fixed the uptime page, though it might not always accurately report the trading server.

That seems to have done the trick, thanks! :smiley:

I can’t connect

I have the same problem , I serve the mystery gift but I can’t connect online for trading