Online help

Hi guys! i’m new with pokemon insurgence. I’m trying this game and got my secret base. I tried the friend safari in the bas and here is the first problem: it is always “Dragon-type” and there is only Seadra in it. What can i do to find the other pokemons? Now the second problem: seems i’m having issues with the online features. I tried to upload my base but it showed up an error window “Script ‘Connect/Register/Login/Deuks’ line 405: NameError occurred. undefined local variable or method ‘basevar’ for #Connect:0xcffe268”. Then i tried other things and “Script ‘Connect/Register/Login/Deuks’ line 375: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method ‘pack’ for nil:NilClass”. And the same for other thing… my name is Noniks1993 as on here… can someone help me please??

Many online features are bugged. There are no known fixes to the uploading base issue.

As for the Friend Safari, additional Pokemon are locked until certain events in the game. Further explanation in the link below.