Online Error Help

I’ve been playing Insurgence for a while and love it, but the entire time I have been playing I have been unable to connect online. I have checked to make sure that my firewall isn’t blocking the connection, I have checked the status of the online servers every time I try to go online and always get the same error. Screen says that it is connecting and to “Press C”. The screens stays like this for a long time, or a short time and then crashes the same way every time saying “script is taking too long…” If anyone has had any experience with this issue I would appreciate any help/suggestions. I am on a Mac by the way.

Try checking if your game version is up to date and is at version

Yeah I checked again and my game is up to date

Try this.

  1. Re-download the game.
  2. In your new core, make a new game and play up to where you get the pole gear.
  3. Verify the online features work
  4. Transfer your old save file to the new core

@Cow538 just tried that and it still doesn’t work. The map is also still glitched out in the new version I just downloaded too.

Weird, that usually works. Did the online features work for your new game on the second core? Or did they not work at all?

@Cow538 They didn’t work on the new core either…

Damn. Are you sure Insurgence is an exception in your firewall?

Also, are you on a school wifi or something like that that might restrict your online access?

I’m sure it’s not being blocked because I turned off my firewall. Nope I’m on regular wifi

Update: I just downloaded the windows patch and moved that into the new core and I can connect now! interesting

Oh, nice! Glad you got it fixed :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!:grin:

Yeah was gonna suggest that it worked for me one time it stopped working. Glad to see you worked it out :wink: