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Oh my god

Trading Name:
1 iv stone
jaw fossil
Further info:
im freaking tired of farming breakable rocks for the jaw fossil. i farmed for 2 hours and got 8 iv stones, 10 heart scales, one of every fossil (except for the jaw fossil, obviously). i dont care if its overpaying, I JUST WANT TO SEE THAT JAW FOSSIL IN MY FUCKING INVENTORY.

You can get all the fossil mons in the friend safari. Just look it up and you find where to go.

i want the fossil itself :frowning:

I might have it. But I can only trade on saturday…

sure. ill send the iv stone to your secret base.

DON’T. I said I THINK. I will tell you on saturday.

oh ok

nvm, i got one from a random rock in midna mine


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