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Offline Ev routes!?!?

i can’t access reddit ik its there
can someone just tell me whats in it??

Really just says training spots for ev training that aren’t through fs or the ev trainer.

thats what i need… i need offline i cant access friend safari rn and too much for the ev trainer

@Emerald241111 that really wasnt helpfull
i want to know where the training spots are

Rezzai desert krokorok attack, Telnor cave defense pretty much every rock type, suntouched exitway clauncher and pop lip for special attack, tentacools in Metchi town for special defense

nvm… Offline Ev routes!?!? steve i think helped me.
and was detailed

And you’re being rude but that wasn’t helping

I’m sorry i get irritated easily. it just that. i did ask for whats inside the reddit. I did not ask what it was about


but i am really sorry. Firewalls will not let me acess dexnav and friend safari