Offering IV stones for decent Pokemon

Trading Name: Kamauu

Offer: Summarized in title, the better your offer the more stones I offer to you :slight_smile:

Request: Maybe shinies or even breedjects (preferrably with their HA) that I can put to good use

Further info: Keep in mind limited amount of stones (It took me forever farming these guys)

I have a perfect 6IV HA Timid Froakie, do you want it?

Ooh, okie, how much stones u want?

What are you willing to offer?

5 stones?

For real? I’m fine with four

Alright, 4, can you go on discord?


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I have a timid 6IV Gastly I can offer

Would you want these?

They are jolly and timid.

I’ll offer 3 stones.

I’m interested in Shroomish

great! what would I get for it?

Since it’s ability is common why not 3 stones?

I am alright with that. lets meet on discord

Alright, im equiping stones on 3 pokes right now

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I found something else you might like

It is jolly

Lol, okay, ill take it for 3 more stones, and im running out

great im ready