Obtaining UFI

So I looked in the wiki and found out a pokemon called UFI is available if you get all the pokemon in the game. I then realized that I accidentally killed a couple delta pokemon on my journey. So is it still possible to obtain UFI on this file or do I need to start a new game?

You’ll have to trade for them with other players. If you can’t or aren’t willing to do that, then yes.

What kind of delta pokemon are you looking for? We’d be happy to help you!

One of them that I remember for now is Delta clampearl

Assuming you have delta gorebyss, just breed it with delta ditto to get a delta clampearl and give it a dragon fang.

You can get one of the evolved forms of clampearl on the wild?

Wait, crap, thought you said you were only missing delta gorebyss. Sorry. Looks like you’ll have to trade for all 3 members.

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Well, shoot, better find something people want

Edit: I don’t have my laptop with me rn, sorry

Ask in trading category or ask in the trades and battles channel on discord. You’re more likely to get a faster response on discord depending on your timezone.