Not Exactly Delta Idea Dump

A small FAQ answers:

#Q1 Do you know that there is a suggestion thread for this, right?

#A1 I know that there is a delta suggestion thread.

#Q2 You know that you should place all ideas there, right?

#A2 I know I’m supposed to place all ideas there.

#Q3 Why didn’t you put the ideas there?

#A3 Three things: I’m lazy, I’m going to get smited for spam, it’s technically spam if you think about it.

#Q4 How many ideas do have?

#A4 I have a lot of ideas.

#Q5 How much time do you have?

#A5 I have too much time.

#Q6 When did you do all this?

#A6 Usually car rides, flying from place to place, etc.

#Q7 How was your day?

#A7 Today was awesome, thank you very much.

#Q8 When did you post this?

#A8 It’s like 11:45 pm when I’m posting this. It’s late my friends.

Here it is:

These Rotoms aren’t exactly “Deltas” per se, but I got nowhere to put them:

Electric/Fairy Pokedex Rotom

In Alola, it is apparently the Pokedex you get is this Rotom. That specific Rotom, however, doesn’t do anything beside being a basic Pokedex.

Dazzling Gleam, Play Rough

Electric/Normal Dog Rotom

A toy robot dog. It is a man’s best friend, and a woman’s second. A great and loyal friend till the very end.

Tri Attack, Double Edge

Electric/Dark Cat Rotom

A toy robot cat. It is a woman’s best friend, and a man’s second. A snide and selfish creature. Uses many cheap tricks.

Night Daze, Foul Play

Electric/Rock Golem Rotom

A toy robot golem. Not to be misunderstood with Golem, the Golem Rotom forme throws rocks for a living.

Ancient Power, stone edge

Electric/Ground Rat Rotom

A toy robot rat. Name it “Scabbers” and 9 out of 10 times, it will run away and betray you. Never name your rats “Scabbers”.

Earth Power, Earthquake

Electric/Psychic Portal Rotom

A toy replica of Hoopa’s Rings but 1000x less powerful and destructive. Can send in random items from the past, present and future. Fortunately, Pokemon can’t go through the portal.

Psyshock, Zen Headbutt

Electric/Steel TV Rotom

A television. It can show many shows from beyond the grave, and new shows from the future.

Flash Cannon, iron head

Electric/Poison Serpent Rotom

A toy robot serpent. Surprisingly, it developed a poison system that can inject poison into things, it still needs work though.

Sludge Wave, poison tail

Electric/Bug Swarm Rotom

Toy robot bugs. Each and every bug in the swarm has its own will and can move synchronized or alone. These bugs were used for many spy and recon missions.

bug buzz, Uturn

Electric/Fighting Fist Rotom

Toy robot fists. It pounds it’s enemies to a pulp and can move quickly, despite it’s bulky nature.

Focus Blast, Brick Break

Electric/Dragon Draco Rotom

A toy robot dragon. It is a replica of Rayquaza, but 19x cuter. It often loves company and sometimes overheats out of excitement of new people. It is vicious when it needs to be.

Draco Meteor, Dragon Rush

Electric/Ghost Mega Rotom

Special Rotom that changes forms like mega Eevee with a special move. The category of the move depends if Rotom becomes physical or special

Spectral Thief, Shadow Ball

All have Levitate.

Now time for the real deltas…

Water/Poison Krookodile The Swamp Croc Pokemon It lives in the swamp, in the murky waters. It produces a poisonous secretion from glands in the surface of its body. It also has a poisonous bite Poison Touch/ sheer force

Ghost/Water Gengar The Water Vapour Pokemon Made from water vapours, not gas. People became this Pokemon after dying in the clouds. It’s oddly kind and helpful, despite its appearance. Water Bubble, water compaction

Fighting/Ghost Alakazam The Shaman Pokemon scrappy/athenian The shaman Pokemon. This tribal Pokemon loved to do rituals as an Abra and did them ever since. Is one with nature and the spirits.

Ghost/Grass Larvitar The Forgotten Pokemon solid rock/ sheer force The forgotten Larvitar. It became this Larvitar after it’s trainer left it here to train for 29 years. That same trainer never came back for it, until now. It became the husk of it’s former self.

Fairy/Dragon Dragonite The Drag Queen Pokemon thick fat/prankster The elegant form of Dragonite. It became this after learning all of the beauty secrets of the world and became “The Drag Queen of all Drag Queens” (Evolve from max beauty and level 55)

Rock/Dark Archeops The Assassin Pokemon Pickpocket, defeatist, unburden Created to be an assassin, this prehistoric bird perches on high ledges like a gargoyle and when the time is right, it lunges downward to kill it’s target in one fell swoop.

Ground/Ice Onix The Crystal Pokemon Ice body/Water absorb A crystallized Onix from a long time ago, made from ice quartz and other translucent rock formations. For some reason it’s NOT weak to water, but it’s weak to fire

Dragon/Fire Gyarados The Magma King Pokemon This magma serpent lives in the ever growing setting of volcanoes. It’s vicious tendencies cause it to be dubbed the Magma King Flame Body, Intimidate, Anger Point

Rock/Poison Gogoat The Mountain Goat Pokemon It lives on the the peaks of mountains, searching for better homes. It’s meat is severely poisoned from a specific berry it eats, called :b:oison :b:erry.:joy::100:(I was high AF when I typed this one…) Rock Head, Poison Body

Rock/Fighting Sawsbuck The Mountain Deer Pokemon It also lives on the mountains. It fights all that cross it’s territory, except pack members. Delta Gogoat is its main rival No Guard/Rock Head/Tough Feet

Rock/Grass Arcanine The Lion Statue Pokemon rock head, sturdy, pure power This Arcanine was created from science, through animation and automation, just like Delta Metagross. It looks just like a statue so it can be easily regarded as one.

Grass/Water Fennekin The Lily Pokemon water absorb/rain dish A scientifically engineered counterpart to Delta Chesnaught and Delta Greninja. It lives in large lakes and is considered the “Lady of the Lake”.

Water/Fire Chesnaught The Volcano Back Pokemon magma armor/ flame body A scientifically engineered counterpart to Delta Fennekin and Delta Greninja. It lives in hot springs near volcanoes and often sprays magma from the volcanoes on its back when it’s threatened.

Ice/Fighting Feraligatr The Warrior Pokemon refrigerate/iron fist "The Banded Warrior", as it was called, can fight for its own. It’s competition is Beartic and the many other ice types living in the cold ice caves.

Ground/Rock Meganium The Dino Pokemon sturdy/ storm drain It lives in the mountains and ate nothing but the weeds and plants that grew on it. Once it’s food source started to diminish, it ate rocks and mud and covered itself with it. It can absorb any water, like a sponge.

Grass/Fairy Emboar The Sage Pokemon Analytic/Effect spore Often regarded as a sage of the forests, it’s wiseness and intelligence is beyond superior to many Pokemon. Pokemon often seek advice from it.

Fire/Steel Samurott Blacksmith Pokemon holy sheath (does double damage against ghost, dark and dragon types)/ battle armor An artist of blacksmithing, it helps create weapons using it’s hot furnace of a mouth and anvil like back

Rock/Dark Mudkip The Thief Pokemon pickpocket/ pure power It began training to be a fighter after it’s trainer left it to rot. It soon became very vicious and territorial, but all it wants is a friend.

More still to come

Wow, nice ideas :smiley: I could sprite some of these for you if you wanted.

Thank you, my friend! :smile: I thank you for your services!

Sorry i couldn’t completely sprite it, i’m really busy right now but here’s what i made so far.

Oohh! Looking Good! Take your time, in fact I don’t mind if you are unable to finish some of them. I really don’t mind you taking your time. I enjoy the process of creation, however, so whatever you get done, please send it to me either on private message or this thread - either one works.

Alright :smiley:

I like taking suggestions, but as a matter of principle I’d never make something for someone who didn’t follow the rules like this, especially if they know what they’re doing is wrong. If I did then others would think they could do the same,and then flood the forum to make their suggestions more prominent. Thus anarchy.

Also don’t FAQ usually have the questions along with the answers?

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  2. I was tired and forgot to write the questions, I’ll do it right now, though.

I’ll put it up there.

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