Noob! anyone wanna help out a fellow gamer?

Trading Name: XthaNext

Offer: bad pokes

Request: better pokes

Further info: All help is cherished

Any specific type you want? Im relatively new as well, but I can try and help you out.

Not necessarily, as I said all help is cherished and welcomed

Ive got a level 15 Tyrogue, 20 Axew, and 23 Ponyta. Any of those sound like something youd want?

Matter of fact, I am stuck on the second gym (bug/poison), so fire, flying, or rock would be the most helpful at the moment.

Im not even at that point yet, Ive spent the last hour or so trying to train up a togepi. Would you want the ponyta then? Might take a bit of training to get it up to par, but it could work out

I have a ponyta! sounds like I should be the one helping you ahah.

Maybe so lol Its just taking me forever to train mine up for some reason.

Haha good luck!