No Man's Land

Where can I find Taen?? I’m in the Alpha Temple but I’m not sure where to go…

Go to the room in the back and keep following it.

yes but I reach and endless way. I go straight and then pick the left one and go straight again…

ah lol i didn’t see i could use my hiking boots hahaha thanks!

Just in case, you’ll find a board that requires you to put in some text. The answer is birth.

i guess it. I saw you post hahahahaha

can I catch the pokeball after defeating Taen?

No. He already told you it was a decoy.

Ah okay, just fast reading…

After that, is it time to return and find Orion?

Heal at a pokemon center and find out what to do next.

In Gaea’s Town Pkm Center you mean?

I think it can be any pokemon center, but it may be just gaea town.

Okay. One question. I was investigating in Mist Way but I can’t find Mist Island. How can I do it? I just found some TM’s and Lati@site and a puzzle I can’t solve haha

That is mist island. You can’t fly there, that’s all. There’s also a latiosite hidden item and try returning after you caught latios. It’ll be worth your time.

Ah okay, I just picked up all the objects but didn’t find Latios or Latias because I didn’t do the Broadcast Tower missions yet

Is catchable Zygarde¿


After catching him, where should I go? I have some stuff to do: scientist club, nightmare real, deyraan town? What do you recommend? And how can I go to Holon region?

Go to your nightmare world. You can go to holon after doing the scientist club and becoming the 3rd augur.