No man's Land enigma

I am sorry to ask help for this but I’m French, it’s really hard to solve the enigme of this area.

I thought it was " life " but no. If someone can give me a clue or other, i am stuck, it makes more than one hour I try to traduce in French to solve, but I really don’t understand what it can be.

Write “birth”. That works!

Thanks !

I feel so silly, i think about life, life’s circle, but I never thought about birth … A great thanks to you !

Never mind! You can help me and trade with me some mons hahahahaha.

^^ If it can be a way to thanks you no problem.

But I don’t know if I have a Pokemon that can be interesting for you.

Perhaps some delta’s like delta ralts (I think I killed him :cry: hahaha) and delta squirtle could be nice. I have 8 legendaries more or less and now I’m catching more

I can give you a Delta squirtle egg, he doesn’t owe you anything for the answer to this puzzle.

I know he doesn’t owe me anything, I was kidding lmao but I appreciate if someone exchange with me an egg or something like that :slight_smile:

Okay then. Just making sure.

I have two saves so i Can give you Delta rats if you want. But I never do trade on Pokemon Insurgence I don’t know how it works. I knew you were kidding but if I can help you in return it will be a pleasure

do you want something on exchange for that egg?

I think we can trade. Just use your dexnav and connect. One of the features is trade

Nah just a mon you’ve caught. Give me like 20 minutes okay?

Okay, my username is cabetsiit. Just write here :slight_smile:

If you want some mons in special just tell me :slight_smile:

Ok i finish a fight, i change saves and I try to give you delta rats ( if I have not kill him to ^^ ). After the enigme, i fought the guy with Kyurem. There is a pokeball on a socle, i can’t have it, it’s a bug ?

he says that pokeball is a decoy! And okey, I just wrote before my username, so give me yours and we try to trade!

Ah okey I didn’t know this word, reverso told me that in French it a " leurre ", a fake. It’s so hard when you don’t speak english, but this game is so awesome that I even try to ^^

:slight_smile: Tell me when you are ready!

Hey, still there?