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Trading Name: Nilknarf


Request: For the delta starter I would like either a delta bulbasaur or delta charmander. For Thundurus I would like 2 IV stones. Because, well, it’s a level 70 legendary. Because Delta Bisharp comes with a mega stone, you’ll need to do some serious convincing to get it. Everything else is free.
Also, if you give me a Delta Charizardite, Delta Venusaurite, or Eevite along with their respective starter, I’ll not only give you Blastoise, but Thundurus and Delta Bisharp as well.

Further info: I also offer a “daycare service.” If you buy one of my 'mons I will train another one of yours up to level 70 for free. Limit two per customer. They are usually returned to you within 15 minutes. I can EV train them as well, for one IV stone. Ask in the comments for more details.

What nature is the thundurus?

Don’t think this applies to you cheese

I don’t care I’m potentially giving them business I don’t think they will mind

Well if it’s for business then you should give more than one IV stone :c

what should i give you for the delta bisharp

how much is the delta bastoise?

Depends. What do you have that you think is of value?

Bold. Probably not good for a competitive Thundurus.

Delta Bulba or Charmander. If you add their mega stones I’ll throw in the bisharp and the thudurus.

can i get something

i would like the flygon and snorlax pls

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