Newbie team build help! (i'm not even at helios city)

Hello everyone i’m the worst at team building and i’m verry early in the game ( I have not even reached helios city). I can ditch all of my team members and train up a team that you decide or you can tell me to keep some of theese pokemon. Ok so i will show my pokemon like this (pokemon) (lvl) (ability) (held item) (move) (move) (move) (move). here it is

(Nidoking) (35) (poison point) (leftovers) (Venoshock) (peck) (thrash) (doubble kick)

(Delta grimer) (32) (sap sipper) (Hard stone) (Magnitude) (Minimize) (bulldoze) (mud bomb)

(Kadabra) (31) (Inner focus) (None) (Recover) (Psycho cut) (Charge beam) (Psybeam)

(Delta Snorlax) (31) (Thick fat) (Miracle seed) (Vine whip) (Belly drum) (Body slam) (Yawn)

(Electabuzz) (31) (Static) (Magnet) (Shock wave) (Electro ball) (Light screen) (Thunder punch)

(Delta Wartortle) (20) (Shadow call) (Focus band) (Vaccum Wave) (Knock Off) (Bite) (Withdraw)

Damn is realy nobody going to help me?

I don’t see any big issues, to be honest. its still lower level, and the movesets aren’t the best, but I don’t see any big glaring type weaknesses

ivan pm me I can help you build a team

Why does he need to pm you?

was gonna screenshot my team unless I can post it here. He could get sum ideas of my teams.

You can just post them in here.

Hard Stone raises the damage of any Rock type moves, not Ground.

Hello everyone and thanks for replying to me, i’m looking for a team that i can have all the way to the elite 4, is that the team i have? beacuse i don’t think i have a team like that. Once again you guys i realy am glad that you replying to me :smile:

With that, team, I assure you will NOT have fun with Xavier. You’ll have to grind to like lvl 40 on lvl 20 or lvl 30 audinos.

Thank you for the tips but i already beat xavier :smile:

can someone please reply me with a team? thanks

Building team yourself is more fun. Also, your team may be weak to Swampert if Snorlax is died.

Yeah for you i’t may be fun but for me it’s more fun to reach out for a OP team, and when i find it THEN i am satisfied

Your team looks tough but kadabra is not going to be all that helpful from what I know. I know you want a mega alakazam but even mega alakazam has pretty low defense or later in game you will get TM for dazzling gleam after defeating sonata I would suggest that you teach it to alakazam and the move psycho cut is useless for alakazam in game cause its not a physical attacker and if you like alakazam just give it the item focus band so it can take any hit if its physical or special.Or for psychic type you can get metagross it has base stat of mega alakazam and it can mega evolve too.(make sure when you train metagross teach it good ev’s for special defense and try having physical attacks) I have used and using Metagross.

And for delta snorlax I will say teach it synthesis instead of belly drum and insead of body slam try getting crunch maybe it will learn in future.Cause thats what I have on my delta snorlax and it’s a sweeper.

In black market helios city you can evolve your Kadabra and electabuzz so try teaching electabuzz physical attacks Thunder punch is the best electric attack it can have based on its stats when it evolves. Light screen on electabuzz is not going to help you a lot cause it has weak defense instead of sp.def and there is no use of electroball and shock wave on your electabuzz when you have thunder punch. You will get tm for earth quake in future so teach it to him si it can take ground and steel type Pokemon.

Now my comments on your team it looks good but its not all that good let me tell you in Pokemon insurgence you should have at least 1 bug type move in your team and you have nothing that can defeat dragon type and so dragon type will sweep through your entire team and (spoiler): There are going to be lot of strong dragon type that you will need to fight with don’t think you can defeat them with just your knock off. I said 1 bug type move so that you can take on grass,dark and psychic type cause you have nothing that can take down these guys. Like your rival Nora has celebi its going to be hard if you don’t have a bug type move in your team and bad for you none of your Pokemon can learn bug type move. Now it depends on you which pkemon do yoiu want to keep and which you don’t. Tell me if you want to see my team.