New to Insurgence

I’m pretty new to Pokémon Insurgence (I’ve been watching an LP on YT and that got me interested in playing). Any suggestions for a new player? So far I have a Timid Delta Charmander and a Jolly Durant (I have a some other Pokémon, but they’re mainly fodder/team filler Pokémon). I really want to have an easy time getting to the Secret Base so I can access all the useful features it has.

I’m playing on normal difficulty with no challenges.

The Durant is going to be pretty useless with a 4x weakness to fire against a fire gym, so I’d keep it in the pc until you’ve passed it. Unlike the original games, the gym leader has coverage moves so having water or rock types will help, but if they are underleveled, they wont be able to do much before they faint. Your best bet is probably overleveling your D.Charmander and hope for good rng with confuse ray, or just catching a lot of water or rock types on route 2 and cyan cavern respectively.

Catch somme water type,rock and if possible a fire type.Azumaril is good. Fire type because,as I remember he had a grass type.Also level them up with delta charmander.Don’t focuse on only one pokemon.And deposite durant with something which isn’t 4X WEAK TO FIRE!