New to game and confused

Hi, just started playing and have 2 questions.

  1. when I was getting my starter I was expecting to get the option of delta bulbasaur, charmander, and squirtle but when I got to the point I was received the original versions. Would they change to delta forms later on?
  2. eventually I want to get a Chestnaught with drain punch but he can only learn drain punch as a move tutor. can I use the TM to give him drain punch?
  1. You started your game with Purity mode turned on, which makes Deltas more difficult to encounter. You can turn it off in the Settings menu. Unfortunately, you can not re-obtain the starters. You can either start a new run or you can ask someone on Discord to trade you one.
  2. I would assume the TM will work on Chestnaught. But if it doesn't, I think I heard somewhere that more/all of the Move Tutors will be added in the next update. (No ideas when the next update will come out though, but it should be relatively soon)

cool didnt think that the Purity mode did that. Would you be able to get the original starters later on?

If you turn off purity mode, yes, the normal starters will be easily accesible (I could even trade you one) but if purity mode is on, then delta starters won’t be accesible unless traded.

thanks for the help :slight_smile: really hope I can give Chestnaught the Drain punch when I get it.

As am321ab mentioned, you had Purity Mode turned on during the time you selected your Starter. Other Deltas in the game are optional and in that case will not be turned in their Delta form. His statement about ‘Deltas are more difficult to encounter with Purity Mode’ is false. I would recommend starting a second savefile and ask someone to help you to trade over your Delta Starter to your main save.

As for 2: Chesnaught can learn Drain Punch through TM in Insurgence. If I remember correctly all Move Tutor Moves can be learned through TM if it is a TM in Insurgence.