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New Pokemon/Delta Sprite: HELP NEEDED!

Simply put, I made my own Pokemon images, but I’m having a hard time with making the sprites. They were originally intended as their own Pokemon, but looking at them now (one with inverted colors) makes them look like Delta Pokemon: a Fire type Delta Zekrom and a Water type Marshadow. If someone could help with making the sprites, that would be great! Back sprites would be appreciated but are unnecessary.

Here’s the original image for the Zekrom:

Now here’s the inverted Zekrom (know that with the inverted one, shades are also inverted; the darkest spots are supposed to be the lightest):

Here’s the Marshadow:

Thanks in advance!

Wow, you made those pictures yourself? Just to be clear, is the inverted Zekrom the one you wanted as a sprite, or were you hoping for both normal and inverted?

It doesn’t matter, honestly. I figured the darker one would be easier, that’s why I posted it. I made the Zekrom for a friend, so the idea was I could kill two birds with one stone: get my friend a sprite, and create a new Delta Pokemon. Either way, I’m pretty good at recoloring, so whichever one you don’t do I could make from the one you do. Thanks for helping me, by the way.

Oh, okay, that makes sense. I’m glad to help if I can! It’s going to take me a little while since my schedule is kinda full, but I’ve already made a little progress on the Marshadow. Hopefully they’ll turn out to your liking!


I’m sure they will be great. Thanks again.

Hi again! Sorry it’s been so long. I have a Marshadow sprite for you!

SOTK Marsh Resized
My apologies, but I’m afraid that with college starting up, I may not be able to complete the Zekrom. I don’t think I have the skill to create a backsprite for Marshadow, but I might fiddle with it every once in awhile.

I know it isn’t much, but I hope that you enjoy this sprite!

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It looks awesome! Thanks a million! As I said, the backsprite isn’t necessary. Good luck with college, by the way.

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