New player here; need to ask a few things!

Greetings everyone! Please bear with me… I have played some other pokemon fangames and am newly arrived on this one. I need to ask a couple of questions, if i may, so as i can understand the game better and prepare for it! Here goes:

  1. Which canon generation’s the gameplay mechanisms apply here?
  2. Which generation’s TM numbering applies here?
  3. Besides fakemon, can all legit pokemon of up to and gen 6 be caught?
  4. Can purity mode “disable” all fan content (like Deltas) from the game and/or other players? Or only from your part?
  5. Can some areas change drastically (including wild pokemon met), preventing you from getting something at a later point?

Thank you for your time and patience! Nice to meet you all!

  1. I believe it uses Gen VI mechanics

  2. Similarily, it uses Gen VI’s TM numbering, however there are also new TM’s added into the game, and those are numbered past 100.(For example, TM119 is Wildfire, a completely new move)

  3. Yes, some are currently bugged though.

  4. Not exactly sure what you mean here, but purity mode changes all deltas in the game to their normal counterparts. When you say “other players,” do you mean the other characters in the game? If it is, then yes, if a trainer ingame were to have a delta, it would be change afaik. I strongly suggest you don’t play in purity mode though, but it’s your choice.

5)As I’ve never played with purity mode on, I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure no. Purity mode is just a way for people to play the story without fakemon, so it blocking off the story wouldn’t make sense.

Thank you very much! I am good to go!