New game wanting a beldum

Does anyone have a good beldum I could have for my new game run? Metagross is my all time favorite and I lost my old pokemon insurgence acc (before the other half and post game stuff was released). Please and thank you if someone has an extra to spare!

delta beldum of either sort suit you?

There is a delta beldum??? :open_mouth: either one, but delta sounds cool!

I am in the first town though do I need to get to a certain point to trade I forgot

I’m afraid I have to go. however, I will just happen to be wonder trading some delta beldums in exactly 2 hours. If you start a wonder challenge and catch a few pokemon at that time, it’s likely you’ll get some.

Ooh ok np I am not sure if ill stay up for then or not, but thank you!

Hey, so I could probably breed one up real quick and send it over. Heck, if your willing to wait like ten minutes I can send over a regular and its two delta forms.

Oh i am playing still, that would be amazing!!!

To be honest, i would use all 3 in my team. There are 2 delts forms then???

Yep just give me a few minutes to breed them and you’ll have a version of all three.

ok np thanks so much!

Np. And sorry about the slightly longer wait. Realized I didn’t have a Ditto and then none of the pokemon were getting along so that took even longer. Anyways, do you want them already hatched or would you like to do so yourself. Only difference is the name on the OT. All traded pokemon listen in the game.

And a heads up, theres a guy I can pay to make them hatch instantly in the daycare town.

Umm i could hatch them you already went through all the trouble doing all that :smiley:

Alright, now whats your trainer username. Is it just deadbloodd as well?


dead sorry

Ok, mine is Dalton. Make sure you have trade fodder like Rattatas or Nidoran.

ok i caught some while I was waiting

Good. You online yet?