New Eevelution for fan games

Just make new eevelutions (just concept art) dex entries, evo methods, and you will get an IV Stone, or two if i like the design a lot. I’m in a giving mood, so plz give me something so I can reward you.

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Well, even if I didn’t made his physical apprearence becasue I suck at drawing, can I still post it? Even then, I have a general idea of what he looks like. I even got his name in french!

Its a dragon-type since Eevee got an evolution for every special type (before the physical/special split) except dragon. We can conclude the Fairy type is a special type because most of the attacks and Pokémons are orianted toward special.

His moovepool will be based on Gen 7 for TMs, Move tutor and Egg moves.

How many Eeveelutions can we post? I have six eeveelutions. Also, none of the images I based them around are mine; I found them online. Is that alright?

Legally, it has complicated repercussions about the copyright usage. You will technically not be allowed to use that image, but this is different if the creator allowed you to do so. Otherwise, you’ll have to use another image or create something similar that isn’t to close of a copy paste.



None of these images are mine. I found them all online, and none of them had any sources. I’d give credit, but I have no idea who drew the original images. Sorry. I’ll update the Google Doc if I ever learn.
Here is the Doc of info I made.

I’ll get the IV Stone soon. Polteon would be a good name for a ghost type though. Sprirteon sounds unoriginal and lacking in uniqueness. (if that’s a word)

Thanks, but I don’t really need the IV Stone. I haven’t played Insurgence in a while. I was just happy to have the chance to show off some of my ideas and other people’s artwork. Feel free to save that IV Stone for someone who wants it.

I’ll take you up on that idea. I had recently thought the name “Spiriteon” was a bit weird, but couldn’t come up with any ideas. Hope you don’t mind if I use “Polteon.”

I got that Dragon Type Eeveelution on a google doc right here. Say hi to Wyveon (english name suceptible to change). I named him Wyveon to reference the Wyvern and becasue Drakeon sounded to basic (no offense).

His movepool and learnset are based around Gen 7 style, Gen 8 didn’t existed when I brainstormed him. Feel free to adjust that with your fangame.
I have only one condition: I keep the right of using Wyveon in the Fanfiction I am currently writing. I would give you the link if you want, but I don’t think any of you speek french.

I DO! I have french decent, s’il vous plait.

Here you go.

Before you enjoy that masterpeice, don’t forget that Pokémons name, location and character names are very different from english to french. Same goes for attack name.

Relevent example:
Ralts = Tarsal
Pidgey = Roucool
Professor Elm = Professeur Orme
Internationnal Police = Force de Police internationale (FPI for short)
New Bark Town = Gourg Geon
Fouinar = Furret
Ice Beam = Laser Glace

Anyway, what do you think of Wyveon?

I speed read, so I really enjoyed this story. And i really like wyveon.