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New Challenge Alert!

Alright, so you get to pick a pokemon of your choice. You can choose to give it a buff, whether that is a change in stats, a designed evolution, a mega evolution, added moves, ability buff or change, anything like that. I was just curious to see what you guys thought. If I did one…hmm…lemme give this pokemon a buff:

Buff: Added Ice Beam to movepool

Buff: Stat Spread is now 70+65+65+125+75+130; Added Flip Turn, Psychic, Foul Play, Coil, Nasty Plot & Knock Off to its movepool.

why would you buff keldeo like that :eye::lips::eye:


It just doesn’t make sense that it doesn’t get ice beam. Like every other water type does but not keldeo? SMH.

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Choice: Delta Octillery
Buff: Mega and the move leaf storm


Show me the ability & stats. And the typing, @Emerald24111.

eh fair point but keldeo is already super good besides in gen 8 lol

Here are my buffs

Furret: (Same Typing)
New Moves: Close Combat, Extreme Speed

Stat Buffs/General Changes: Plus 30 to attack and speed and plus 5 in both defenses. Also give it Guts as an ability along with Adaptability

New Stats are 85/116/69/45/60/120

Also another one

Altaria: New Typing is now Dragon/Fairy
New Moves: Moonblast, Aromatherapy, Earth Power, Energy Ball, Brave Bird, Calm Mind, Boomburst

Stat Buffs/General Changes: Plus 25 to both offensive stats and 20 hp but at the cost of 20 speed. New Abilities are: Pixilate, Tinted Lens, and Filter (probably too good)


Choice: Kecleon
Gets a mega
Ability: Protean
New stats
New moves:
Dragon Claw
Elemental Punches
Bulk Up


Hmm…how about giving lycanroc skull bash or somethin?

You mean Head Smash?

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Buff: Armored Form
With a lot of bulk, comes great slowness.

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M. Heliolisk
New moves: Boomburst, Overdrive, Heal Bell, Clanging Scales, Clangorous Soul, Pay Day
Ability: Amplifier(Punk Rock)
Stats: 62/55/82/139/104/149 or +30 Def, +30 SpA, +10 SpD, +30 Spe

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And also as my last buff it’ll be on

Beedrill: Same typing
New Moves: Close Combat, Extreme Speed, First Impression, Iron Head, Lunge, Megahorn, Sucker Punch, Triple Axel, Also buff Twineedle to do a total of 90 damage (45 each hit)

New Stat Buffs/Abilities: Plus 35 in Attack, plus 45 in Speed, plus 10 in defense, and plus 5 in HP. New abilities are: Adaptability, Poison Touch, and Defiant.

New Stats are: 70/125/50/45/80/115

if you can’t tell already I like giving mons close combat

lmao imagine mega beedrill with that

I am scared to see mega Beedrill now.

mega beedrill is one of my favorite megas, but I disliked a few things about it, so I changed beedrill’s base form to actually be good

i mean mega beedrill would have 70/185/50/15/80/190 stats

OH CRUD I didn’t think about mega beedrill lmao



Typing: Fire Rock
Ability: Contrary
Stats: 70/50/150/110/30/210
New moves: Leaf Storm, Shell smash

lmao contrary shell smash