Never mind

not relevant

Can I have a Mega Stone?

sure. nothing good though. which one you want?

which do you have?

anything that can currently be obtained in game. examples are gengarite, pidgeotite, tyranitrite, among plenty of others. dont bother with any you can get before helios though

I’m not super far in the game so I I want a Delta Gardevoirnite or Delta Galladenite is that okay? I need to find the Delta Ralts catch it and look at it’s Gendar okay?

no problem. you dont get the mega ring until helios though, so you wont be able to use it for a while

Okay so I still need to complete one battle then catch the Delta Ralts.

I got a Female Ralts, So I can evolve her into a Delta Gardevoir.

ok. let me go fetch that stone in my spare save. one minute


got it. tradename is actually naso

I pressed enter but it said user naso isn’t online.

I think I had to get off then get back on

type it in in exactly 25 seconds



Um. I thought I had to trade a pokemon to you for the mega stone

so?youre giving me a random mon. go again?