Network Error

I’ve been trying to download the new version of the game. I completely removed all of the files that were on my computer previously and have tried using the Core download for the new version. In the middle of the download, it stops itself and tells me that it has suffered a ‘Network Error.’ I go to investigate and it gives me the option to resume the download, but it keeps happening. Has this happened to anyone else? Will this affect the game files at all?

I finally got it to work. I had to reinstall Google Chrome, restart my computer, cycle my router, open the download link in an incognito window, and did not move from the download window until it was finished. I don’t know if I figured out the sequence that is needed to get this to work or if it was through divine intervention that it finally finished, but that is everything I did before it actually worked. I am not educated well enough in technology to know if the problem was on my end or if there’s something buggy with the download link, Insurgence Team tech/data guys might want to look into this.