Need tips with beating Audrey

For now I’m trying to level up my party(Gardevoir lvl 45, Azumarill lvl 48, delta Charizard lvl 49, Aurorus lvl 48, Luxray lvl 49 and Typhlosion lvl 44), but I’m still afraid I won’t make it and that kind of maks me want to stop at this point of the game since I already had enough problems with first Nora battle… I plan on level this party up to level 60 but I’m assuming it will take forever even with the trainer from secret base…

Edit: the encounter rate in this stupid cave is too much, I’ve had enough. Even repels don’t work. I just want to get to her and fight her, I don’t need 50 wild Pokemon on my way there.

If you don’t have a Pokemon that can one-shot any wild Pokemon in that cave, you definitely won’t be beating Audrey. It sounds like you’re in the Whirl Islands, and since it has mostly Ice or Rock types in the caves, you should be able to sweep them with a strong Fighting-type move so that you’re only down PP and not health when you get to Audrey. (Plus, Fighting-type helps with Audrey’s Mega).

Audrey’s team ranges from level 51-55 based on the difficulty you have selected. Assuming you aren’t already on Easy, you may want to bump the difficulty down if you’re not enjoying the game on the difficulty you have selected.