Need Suggestions for Team

I’m playing with the Random Challenge so nothing is off limits from what I understand.

I’m in Roggan Town, my current team:

Lv. 43 Mew (Synchronize) [Leftovers] Metronome / Return / Transform / Psychic

  • This is the only pokemon I won’t get rid of as it was my starter and I got it on my first pick and it’s a part of the story anyways. Move/TM suggestions would be great for this. I have no idea what to do with it even though I’ve pretty much solo’d the whole game with it up until this point.

Lv. 42 Breloom (Poison Heal) [No Item] Poison Powder / Leech Seed / Mega Drain / Sky Uppercut

  • I got this before I even did the first gym and it’s done really well so far. The poison+leech stack is nice and if I get poisoned myself I pretty much don’t have to worry about dying.

Lv. 42 Delta Shinx (Poison Touch) [No Item] Metal Claw / Poison Jab / Venoshock / Roar

  • I barely used this at all even though I think it’s really nice. I was thinking of replacing it with Doublade, or Aegislash but I’m not sure. Suggestions here would be helpful.

Lv. 42 Larvesta (Flame Body) [Charcoal] Silver Wind / Bug Bite / Flame Charge / Incinerate

  • I picked this up in Roggan Town and haven’t advanced any further since. I haven’t even used this yet, so far Breloom and Mew have gotten me to this point pretty much by themselves. Is this worth keeping for it’s evolution or should I not bother with it?

This is my team so far. Aside from Mew and Breloom I’ve barely used the other two and I’m willing to replace them. I also have 2 empty slots I need suggestions for so any help would be great.

You have a pretty bad flying type weakness, so get something to deal with those. You also have nothing to deal with dragon types, so get your hands on something to counter those. Breloom is a physical attacker, go for bullet seed over mega drain. Buy a toxic orb from helios and slap it on breloom for heals. Larvesta is a special attacker, bug bite and flame charge aren’t too good on it. Water type for pesky ground/rock types perhaps.