Need help with TEM

Hoi. Ok. To the point. I think i have a decent team, but need to sqitch some things up for the rest of the game. Currently at Helios City, and i have taken down neither the Augur or East. Typlosion lv. 45 Item: none. (Hoping to get typhlosionite soon.) Flame charge/Lava plume/Quick attack/Fire pledge. I have a larvesta and good ived adamant growlithe i can switch for. Spiritomb Lv.42 Nasty plot/sucker punch/silver wind/ominous wind. Kinda like the pokemon and i have the mega stone, but it’s so slow and all of its moves have 5 pp. Annoying.

D-charizard lv. 45 Shadow ball Dragon pulse Incinerate Shadow sneak Don’t really want to change this guy up.

Togetic lv.37 Ancientpower Wish Encore Yawn. Not really the best moveset or power. But i recently found a shiny stone, and with that Togetic could become a beast.

Flygon lv.46 Bug buzz Drakon voice Earthquake Ancient roar Best attacker, timid nature plus decent ivs. D-scyther lv. 42 Icicle crash Pursuit Low sweep Blizzard I actually am wondering whether to evolve this guy or not.

Suggestions are needed…please. Sanesss

What would you like suggestions for?

Switching out some pokes or moves. I dont feel quite ready for the gym. Especially togetic.

i used durant and he killed everything for me and he is still on my team killing. iron head is needed and for the future rayquaza you need some serious leveling on d-scyther but do evolve

Get the Mega Stone for Flygon. It’s insanely strong.

STAB Shadow Ball does equal or greater damage as Incinerate on most Pokemon, and Frost Breath breaks through special defense boosters.

If the Delta Scyther has Hustle, it may be worth it to keep it in this stage.

Oh. How about spiritomb?(noctem)

Get Dark Pulse instead of Ominous Wind. It’s only a few more levels. More Spiritombs run bulkier sets (Will-O-Wisp, Calm Mind) but these moves will suffice until the TMs become available.

For Togetic, evolve it and teach it Air Slash (Heart Scale) and Dazzling Gleam (TM you’ll get soon) for a hax booster set