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Need help with finishing my team


So I have my team which I’ve played through the whole game with and now I decided to make some changes. With that being said, what does my team need and what should I replace? Yes I do realize I have three ghost types lol. Oh btw I just finished the inverse guy and am on my way to the Pokémon league. Thanks for helping


I would recommend something to patch up that dark weakness, and yes 3 ghosts. Probably recommend getting rid of Giratina or Gengar since you are using delta zard as your mega. I would definitely recommend a solid fire type or a fire type move if you can get your hands on one as a lot of the e4 members carry the same mon weak to fire, so that helps a lot.


Yea I took out giratina and replaced it with volcarona and replaced gengar with delta Haxorus