Need help with a new team member!

Hello, I’ve come across a problem, I found a delta cyndaquill and after doing some research, I decided I want one. But after deciding who I want to replace (D. Gardevoir) I found I don’t really want/need my D. Haxorus. Could anyone help me on deciding a new team member?

Armored Flygon
D. Charizard
D. Gardevoir (going to be replaced with the D. Typhlosion)
D.Haxorous ( what I want to replace)

I’m gonna guess you don’t want multiple of the same type… how about delta Glalie? Or a Fire in general.

Yeah, i recommend a Fire Type for your team. If you want i can breed you a Delta Froakie or Delta Aron, both are pretty good at their final stage.

Oh man delta greninja looks insane, if you could, I would appreciate if you could breed one

Of course, i got you! Would you like a hidden ability one? The HA is Prankster btw. Would pair well with something like Will-O-Wisp. If you have Discord, DM me or add me. :slight_smile: georgie#1240 Would make communication alot easier. It’s fine if not btw

Sorry I don’t have discord. Do yoy you need my IGN, if so it’s just Sbeve

Ah, ok. Atm i’m breeding other stuff for other people sadly, but i will breed the Delta Froakie ASAP when i’m done with the other breeding thing.

Lol it’s fine it’s no pressure, I have a ton of stuff to do in game

If you want i can also breed you an Delta Torchic, aka what i’m breeding now atm.

I think I’m good, never been a fan of torchic or it’s delta form

Ah, ok.

D. Gardevoir is actually much better than D. Typhlosion in my opinion
D. Typh is Electric/Steel.
quad weak to ground.
which… GUESS WHAT?
Major battle VERY soon for you has a Ground type :exclamation:
D. Gardevoir gets Ice-Beam
and D. Haxorus is VERY good should you have it learn Iron Head

D. Typhlosion has one of the most busted Mega’s in the game though. It’s Energy Ball hits ground types for almost identical damage as D. Gard’s stab boosted Ice Beam (.5% damage difference on Groudon). It’s Thunder/T-bolt hits much harder.

If you are going standard, D. Gard is probably better. If not, D. Typhlosion is faster, hits much harder, has eleven resistances (two of which are quad resists) as opposed to Gard’s two and it gives you a poison immunity.

For Mega D. Typhlosion, you are either going to want a rain setter or darkness setter.

You already have dragon coverage in Flygon, which frees you to swap D. Charizard for a Noctem Spiritomb. This also allows you to retain your normal and fighting immunities. D. Greninja would still be a really good slot here.

As for a rain team, D. Serperior is generally the go-to for Insurgence. D. Tangrowth and D. Yanmega would be great choices here. Tangrowth has excellent bulk and recovery in dry skin and drain punch. Yanmega gets adaptability hurricane in the rain.

Alright, I guess I’ll have to switch my team up, I’ll guess I’ll just look on the wiki to fond these

So for a darkness team, what other pokemon would ve good besides switching charizard for spiritomb? Or is the rest of my team fine

The rest of your team is generally alright. Your Azumarill’s Play Rough will be hitting for less under darkness, but that’s really the only negative effect. D. Electivire, hidden ability D. Blastoise, and D. Syther all benefit heavily from darkness though. Darkrai is pretty busted too, since this is before the Dark Void nerf and Bad Dreams as well as Nightmare do double damage under darkness.