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Need help trading between save files (Cleanse Tag)


Trading Name: FluttershyMew

Offer: N/A?

Request: N/A?

Further info: Accedently sold my Cleanse Tag on my main save not knowing it was needed to evolve Delta Feebas and I got one another save file.


Okay, do need help trading now?


Sure and trade name for my other save is ObsidianTemple


Ok, I’ll get on right now then. Trading Username: XanderTheMerc19


It said that both of them were not online EDIT: Seems good now


Look for ObsidianTemple first


Do I need the Pokemon in my party?


Yes, with the item. In terms of transferring the item to your main file.


I’ll get on the other one


I’ll just wait while you move to your other file.


So now look for FluttershyMew


Says not online, maybe try resetting? I’ll do the same.


I’m finding a Pokemon I don’t care about giving away


Maybe put the mon you want to trade in the front of the party, helps a bit.


Maybe you try putting the Stunky up first?


I did. Maybe I should use a different mon? And give that mon the cleanse tag.


I’ll try a different one first




this last attempt froze my game so I need to reload