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Need help on the leaque

Hey i’ve been enjoying the game a lot lately with my first play through of this amazing game but i have arrived at the leaque and am pretty blown away. I got swept by Kayla immediately when i usually am the one who sweeps all the trainers.
If anyone could give me some team tips that would be great.

-I’m doing a delta only challenge so i can only use deltas, it’s not a locke tho so i have acces to everything before leaque.
-My game is on medium difficulty but if needed ill switch it for the leaque.
-My starter was charmander.
-Most of my team is level 90-95.

Well first of all, I hate to point it out, but you spelt league wrong. It has a g, not q. The most popular piece of advice would be to keep your team at the same level so you don’t need to worry about them scaling to your level as much. An interesting choice of team would be to have one for new moon weather condition if you are looking to completely rebuild your team. Your mega could be d. Charizard as it will get noctem, or maybe d. typhlosion because of the form changes. Another good pokemon would be d. Haxorus, as it can learn surf (boosted my new moon), and provide coverage for the fairy types that could be a problem with the move heavy slam. A good idea would to have a pokemon with the move haze to help with kayla’s smeargle and stop her from sweeping as easily. In my battle against the e4, I used darkrai (don’t ask what happened, its complicated) with the combo of dark void and haze. A more easily accessible pokemon would be d. scyther/ Scizor. In my opinion, d. scyther is better if it is holding an eviolite although some people believe that d. Scizor is better. If you would like any pokemon from postgame, just ask and I can hopefully breed/ catch one for you, as long as they aren’t legendary. Right now, I can breed an at least 5 iv d. larvesta with a modest nature but I’ll try and do more if you would like